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Financial Crimes and Land Conversion: Uncovering Risk for Financial Institutions

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In mid-April, we will be publishing 'Financial Crimes and Land Conversion: Uncovering Risk for Financial Institutions', a report that serves as the precursor to the Environmental Crimes Financial (EFC) Toolkit being developed by Themis in collaboration with WWF-UK.

We are delighted to give you a preview of research findings ahead of time by making available the report's executive summary.

The report and upcoming toolkit are designed to equip financial institutions with the knowledge and tools needed to understand and mitigate environment-related financial crime risks.

Based on extensive research and collaboration with financial institutions globally, the report brings attention to the issues of deforestation and land conversion through a financial crime lens. It shines a light on:

  • The reputational, operational, and regulatory risks associated with land conversion for financial institutions
  • The convergence of land conversion with an array of financial crimes
  • The inextricable link to human rights violations, which disproportionately impact women and indigenous populations in affected regions.

Download Executive Summary:

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