Final Report: In partnership with WWF-UK

Financial Crimes and Land Conversion: Uncovering Risk for Financial Institutions

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In mid-April, we are publishing 'Financial Crimes and Land Conversion: Uncovering Risk for Financial Institutions', a report that serves as the precursor to the Environmental Crimes Financial (EFC) Toolkit being developed by Themis in collaboration with WWF-UK.

The report and upcoming toolkit are designed to equip financial institutions with the knowledge and tools needed to understand and mitigate environment-related financial crime risks.

Based on extensive research and collaboration with financial institutions globally, the report brings attention to the issues of deforestation and land conversion through a financial crime lens. It shines a light on:

  • The reputational, operational, and regulatory risks associated with land conversion for financial institutions
  • The convergence of land conversion with an array of financial crimes
  • The inextricable link to human rights violations, which disproportionately impact women and indigenous populations in affected regions.

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