AML Risk Assessment Software & Benchmarking Tool to Protect from Financial Crime

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Analyse your business & third parties/suppliers for financial crimes.

Automate financial crime risk assessment reports tailored to your convenience.

Track and monitor for ongoing performance against financial crime risks.

Looking to assess your third-party suppliers against financial crime risks?

Are you worried about financial crime risks your business, suppliers and supply chain can be associated with?

Themis' Financial Crime Risk Management platform is an enterprise management software that mitigates such threats effectively and efficiently, allowing you to focus on more profitable areas of business.

Supporting your governance, risk and compliance frameworks?

Demonstrating a sound compliance framework is crucial to all businesses, now more so than ever. Stakeholders require evidence of meeting regulatory requirements, rather than just simply acknowledging their existence. Often businesses wait until it is too late to recognise and address vulnerabilities in their frameworks and suffer the implications as a result.

Themis Risk Assessment software provides comprehensive financial crime risk assessment capabilities, owing to its unique database, with the ability to automate ongoing updates with alerts whenever you need them.

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Using risk management software for your business AML risk assessment

Depending on who is responsible for compliance within a business, even thinking about how to conduct an AML risk assessment can be daunting, especially for those new to the industry. Many compliance professionals may also find the process laborious and time consuming.

A risk management software such as Themis Risk Assessment simplifies the compliance process and allows you to automate these tasks: from customer onboarding to ongoing monitoring.

Adhering to regulatory compliance and mitigating third-party security risk

Many of our clients mandate the Themis Risk Assessment to their suppliers and third-parties as part of their core procurement policy. With the introduction of compliance regulations such as the EU Supply Chain Law, this is set to become compulsory.

No supplier will object to taking a simple financial self-assessment if it either helps them win a new contract with you or continue working with you on an annual basis.

Themis Third Party Risk Assessment Tool

Risk management software to assess your business

Themis Risk Assessment reports provide you with a comprehensive heatmap and breakdown, allowing you to manage risk across all your suppliers and third-parties in one place, without the effort of manually researching or risk assessment Excel templates. The results may surprise you and help identify areas for improvement and investment, as well as confirmation where you or your suppliers are applying best practice.

Take the Themis Risk Assessment annually to monitor year-on-year changes, or set a benchmark for continuous improvement.

What our clients say:

"The system is easy to use, which means we can conduct checks on target company management and UBOs quickly and thoroughly"

“...we can do more thorough DD, faster and in a less labour-intensive way...a game-changer for us in terms of our risk controls."

"Themis listen to our feedback and is continuously looking to develop further functionality to suit our needs."

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