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We have democratised due diligence, making it affordable, accessible and accurate.

Themis Search

An end-to-end KYC and AML due diligence platform, powered by multiple data sources and our own proprietary data.
Themis Search

World leading research and training into financial crime threats, working with both the public and private sectors.
Themis Search

Deep dive intelligence and enhanced due diligence by skilled financial crime investigators.


Unique KYC AML Software

An easy-to-use AML software platform to manage your financial crime risk. Our unique platform powered by unrivaled data, that will save you time, money and above all help mitigate your risk exposure.

Discover how our unique AML software can help you manage your financial crime risk.

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Our Software Capabilities

AML & Sanctions

PEP (Politically Exposed Person Checks)

Adverse Media Checks

Criminal Convictions Checks

Litigation & Insolvency Checks

Ongoing Monitoring

eID&V (Electronic Identity Verification)

Financial Crime Risk Assessment

What makes us different?

Themis Search

Powerful multi-layered data approach

Themis Search

Includes unique Themis data

Themis Search

Plug & play functionality

Themis Search

Single view of risk in one platform
Themis Financial Crime Research Insight


In-depth Financial Crime Insight & Analysis

Powerful research into emerging financial crime threats with comprehensive understanding of global laws and regulations in relation to financial crime.

Our toolkits, thought leadership, training and digital learning will equip you and your organisation with the necessary knowledge to protect your business and investments.

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Global Financial Crime Investigators

In some cases, a deep dive, human led, corporate investigation is required to ensure that your investment, supplier or client has minimal risk exposure.

Our leading investigators can provide level 1, 2 and 3 enhanced due diligence reporting, ESG risk reporting and supply chain analysis.

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Themis Global Financial Crime Investigators
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